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Sine Timore - Without Fear!

How old do you have to be to participate in the shows?

We have worked with all age groups in our shows. Please keep an eye on individual show auditions to see what ages we are working with at the time. 

How much does it cost?

Registration for performers in Mean Girls High School Edition is $250, and stage crew fee is $100. Our fees help us pay for performance rights, sound/lighting equipment, costumes, props, and much more.

We don't want anyone to not join if there are financial obstacles. Just contact us and we will work something out!

How do we contact you?

Email is best:

The owner/director is Megan McCormick

There is also a CONTACT US tab at the top of this website for your convenience.

Is there an attendance policy? Are there mandatory rehearsals?

We only have a few short weeks to pull together this show, so we ask that nobody miss more than two practices.


Please do not commit to our shows if you have too many conflicts with rehearsals. 

I want to be in the show, but can't make the  audition date. What can I do?

If you can't make the audition date but still want to audition, you can email video submissions to 

When/where are practices/shows?

Rehearsal space for Mean Girls are at the VFW in Glenside on Jenkintown Rd. 

Performances will be at The Cheltenham Center for the Arts on Ashbourne Road.

What does Sine Timore mean?

Sine Timore is a Latin phrase that directly translates to "WITHOUT FEAR." 


How do you pronounce Sine Timore?


The pronunciation is "SEE - nay  tih - MOR - ay"

What is CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia?


Sine Timore Theatre is lucky to be able to partner with our fiscal sponsor, CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia. In our partnership, we are able to take on their name and our official title is Sine Timore Theatre of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia. 

To learn more about the services CultureWorks provides, please visit their website,

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